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Traveling Softball  

Why does the Traveling program cost so much?

‚Äč14U - 250.00

16U and 19U - 100.00


Fees include:            

  • full uniform: pants, shirt, 2 pairs of socks, visor
  • Entry to 4 tournaments (2 STATE Tournaments, ASA & USSSA) & 2 other Tournaments of the teams choosing.
  • 10 Double headers in River Valley League are paid for, ½ are home games.

The teams can also participate in a “BAA team fundraisers” with proceeds being used either for equipment, entry fees to additional tournaments, or possibly jackets or sweatshirts or bags for the team. The entire team discusses this


Is this a group of “elite” players?

The girls who choose Traveling Slow Pitch are looking for more playing time/tournament play and are committed to the opportunity to develop their skills at a higher level of competition.


Do you play during the week?   Where do you play?

Yes, the teams play double headers against other River Valley League teams. We play in Bloomington, Richfield, Burnsville, Golden Valley, Minnetonka, and Glen Lake. Typically 1-2 double headers per week. Practices start in late April early May & the season starts in June and goes thru July. If individual teams choose to do so, they can continue on into late August or early September.


How are the tournaments selected?

The team coaches, parents & players decide which tournaments to go to, other than the 2 State summer tourneys. Choices are usually based on when most players can be available.


How often are tournaments played and how far do you travel?

Teams can play as few as 4 to as many as the team wants, but 4 are paid with the Traveling Fee. Any extra tournaments played cost about $130-$140.00 dollars per team or about $10-$14 per player per tourney. The average commute time or drive time of the drive for tourneys in the north Metro is 45 min.


What about vacation time and weekends at the cabin?

Teams strive to have 13-14 maximum players on the roster.  This allows for several players to be on vacation and still have enough players for league games and/or tournaments.  Even the coaches will be gone from time to time. With 13-14 players in a 7-inning game, and more than 1 game on any given game day, there is plenty of playing time for all players. It’s not very often that all the players are available all the time for games or tournaments.