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Discover Unihockey / Floorball - northern Europe’s largest school sport and Sweden’s largest indoor sport! Equipment invented in Minnesota in the early 60’s; it is today’s contemporary version of floor hockey.  

Unihockey / Floorball features optimized equipment and rules that promote non-contact play.  Teams are co-ed and a mix of ages.  The ball, a specialized wiffle design that provides precise flight, is hit by a stick that features a plastic netted blade.  The kid friendly rules feature no stick-to-stick contact or body checking and sticks must remain below the player’s waist.  Also, youth based Unihockey is played without goalies but safety glasses are recommended. 

Unihockey’s fun, fast paced play is perfect for cardiovascular exercise; everyone can participate regardless of size, strength or skill.  Unihockey is expected to be in 2024 Olympics and is also called Floorball or Innebandy.  Stick, ball and safety glasses provided. 

Fall 2017  9 sessions  1 hour/session  Location: Washburn Elementary Grades 3rd-7th      

Coed   I hope to have 4 competitive teams that play a revolving schedule for 9 weeks:  2 teams practice/scrimmage 630pm to 730pm (early); 2 teams practice/scrimmage 730pm to 830pm (late).  Same gym. Switch around each week.  

1st Session Tue Sept 12th 6:30 pm  Additional Tues Nites are:  


Sept 19, Sept 26, Oct 3, Oct 10, OFF MEA!!!, Oct 24, OFF HALLOWEEN 10/31, Nov 7, Nov 14, OFF Thanksgiving!!!, Nov 28


Fee for this sport is $90 plus an additional $5 fee for credit card processing.

Volunteers are needed for coaching. To see Unihockey / Floorball videos visit Facebook and Instagram:  Minnesota Floorball Association 

City Director - Cael Sprute csprute@hotmail.com



 To see Unihockey videos visit Facebook:  Twin Cities SW Metro Youth Unihockey Floorball Club