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Contact city director for any late signups.


First and Second Grade Flag Football Program

This is an introductory program for kids that enjoy being active and want to learn the fundamentals of playing football.  This beginning program for kids entering into 1st and 2nd grade will be high energy so they start to love the game of football while having fun with their friends and meeting new friends.
This is also an introductory program for parents who would like to coach football.  What a great way to spend time with your son or daughter and learn how to be an effective coach.  We will be utilizing a lot of collaborative coaching concepts so the coaches will not be thrown out there on their own.  So, if you have a desire to coach, please sign up, this is the place to start!

Flag Football 

All practices and games will be on Saturday mornings and Monday evenings.  The general start times will be 9am Saturday mornings and 6pm Monday evenings.


We provide all equipment except for cleats (optional) and a water bottle.

Questions - call or email

Football City Director: Jeff Winston  

Flag Football Director: Karl Johnson 952-486-2790  kweather06@yahoo.com 


Cost – $75


Volunteer opportunities - absolutely!