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B.A.A. offers floor hockey programs for girls in grades K through grade 12 and boys in 1st through 5th grade. A typical seasons starts January 4th and ends on March 5th. 

Floor hockey is a fun,fast-paced game. The only equipment  requirement is tennis shoes. Shin guards are recommended but not required. There are 2 set playing nights for each league, but no Weds night games. 
Due to the popularity of this sport, an occasional "off-league" night may be scheduled.Play is at either Westwood, Oak Grove Elementary, or Valley View Elementary schools.
Teams have up to 12 players, (10 at the midget/bantam level) with 5 players playing on the floor at a time. A game consists of (12) 3 minute shifts.
Fee for this sport is $75 for all levels including a $5 fee for credit card processing.  Volunteers are needed for coaching, refereeing, scorekeeping and timers. 
Level / Grades
Playing nights
Mite Boys


6:10 & 7:20

Schedule   Tournament 
Cub Girls 
7:20 & 8:30
Bantam Girls
7:20 & 8:30


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