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Dear BAA Parents,


My name is Michael Johnson and I am the President of Bloomington Athletic Association (BAA).  I am sending this email to you because you currently have or did have a child in our wrestling program.  I was recently informed that our current city director would not be returning to run the wrestling program this year and he was unable to find a replacement.  (Last year we had 60 kids in our wrestling program from Pre-K to 8th grade that ran from November to February).


I am asking you to please help us find someone who could fill this absolutely vital position.  Without a city director, BAA will not be able to continue its wrestling program.  Despite my efforts and those of the board, this "worst case scenario" could be a reality.  I have put the job description below to help describe the work the city director is responsible for.


Wrestling City Director's job description:


- Put together a team of volunteer level directors that would assist in running the program at different grade levels.  (Currently we have at least one level director from last year who is willing to help again this year).

- Assist our VP of Marketing to get the word out about the upcoming season to all previous participants as well as new families that might be interested in wrestling.

- Run registration with 3 in person sign up dates at a designated location as well as our on-line registration.

- Reserve gym space for practices and tournaments.

- Put a schedule together based on the number of registrants for the season.

- Assist your level directors with putting participants together in their groups.

- Ensure that the program is running smoothly and that the kids are learning a skill and having fun while doing so.


If you or anyone you know might be interested in this important position or if you have any additional questions you would like answered, please contact me at baa.president.michael@gmail.com or by phone at 952-452-1858.


Thank you so much for your willingness to help.




Michael Johnson

BAA President


2018 Wrestling Signups dates coming soon

There are SO many benefits to our wrestling program, here are just a few of them:
*Your child will learn basic wrestling skills.
*Your child will learn all about good sportsmanship.
*Your child will learn how to deal with defeat.
*Your child will learn mental, physical and self discipline.
*Your child will learn how to listen, obey and show respect for their coaches,
referees, directors and parents.    
*Your child will learn how to be fair.
*Wrestling is great physical activity.
*Wrestling will strengthen your body & challenge your mind. It will also help  build self-confidence.
*You and your child will meet other AWESOME Bloomington friends and families!!!
*Most important - Your child will be getting great exercise and HAVING FUN at the same time!!