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Welcome to the Bloomington Athletic Association (BAA) web site.  Known as the largest all volunteer sports organization in the United States,  serving over 5,000 youth in 12 sports annually.   Here, you'll be able to get news, information, schedules, game results, directions and much, much, more.


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Baseball Heat Index Policy

BAA Baseball has implemented the following guidelines to deal with extreme heat at all youth baseball games and practices. It is designed to provide participants with a standard for safe play in situations of extreme heat.

The two values that BAA will take into account when modifying or canceling games/practices are air temperature and relative humidity. The combination of these two elements reflects the heat index. We will rely on the heat index reading that is updated hourly by the National Weather Service at the MSP Airport. http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?textField1=44.83&textField2=-93.31#.V47pPqKFmOY

The BAA has defined five heat index zones.


PLEASE NOTE - The heat index will NOT be decided until 10 minutes prior to start of game. All games will finish with the guidelines with which the games started.

White Zone
Heat index of 65-80 degrees. In this range, the participant is in very little danger from heat and no special measures  will be taken by the BAA.

Yellow Zone
Heat index of 81-98 degrees. In this range, coaches will be encouraged to take extra steps to protect their players by making sure they keep them hydrated during games and practices.

Orange Zone
Heat index of 99-105 degrees. In this range, the BAA will implement the following at games: all measures taken in the Yellow Zone; coaches need to ensure all kids have water available; catchers will be allowed to catch only two innings in succession. If it is a practice day, coaches are instructed to keep players well hydrated and to take frequent breaks.  If an inning goes over 15 minutes then water should be given to the pitcher and catcher.

Red Zone
Heat index ranging of 106 to 110 degrees. In this range, the BAA will implement the following for games: all measures taken in the Yellow and Orange Zones; the length of games will be modified according to the schedule below.
     • Baseball grades Instructional and Mites  – games will be reduced by 15 minutes
     • Baseball grades Cubs - Major – games will be reduced by 20 minutes (no inning starts after 1 hour 50 min)

Recommend that cold wash clothes are available for the kids between innings.

If it is a practice day, coaches are instructed to reduce the time of practice, take frequent breaks and keep players well hydrated by having them drink water.

Black Zone
Heat index above 110. In this range, the BAA will cancel all games and practices until the heat index returns to 110 or below.

Note - During the course of the day, the heat index will rise and fall depending upon the time of day, etc. The above program modifications could also change throughout the course of the day, especially on a weekend. For example, a 1:00 p.m. game on Saturday could be played under the Orange Zone guidelines and a 4:00 p.m. game could be played under Red Zone guidelines.

The above are merely guidelines, and it is the responsibility of parents to make the ultimate decision as to the participation of their child in BAA events when heat may be a factor, taking into consideration the age and physical condition of their child. Parents also have the ultimate responsibility to inform their child about the dangers of heat and need for protection, including sunscreen and proper hydration.

by posted 07/20/2016
BAA Football Program



We are fast approaching the beginning of our season!  Here are the important dates to be aware of:



All evaluations are at Kelly Park from 6-8pm

Players will be issued their equipment that night and can purchase shoulder pads


July 25 - 3rd and 4th grades

July 26 - 5th and 6th grades

July 27 - 7th and 8th grades


We will be holding one evaluation makeup session due to some baseball conflicts.


August 1 - open to any grade


Team drafts will now be held the week of August 1, so players can expect to hear who their coach is during that week.  The Parent Athlete Coach meeting will now be August 8th at OMS from 6-9pm.


Practices will begin after August 8th.


The Jamboree will now be on August 20th from 9am-1pm at Kelly Park.


We look forward to seeing all of you next week.


Thank you!



BAA Football City Director


by posted 06/16/2016
Late Soccer Signup Date

BAA Soccer Signup Information


Thursday, July 21st from 6-8pm at the Tom Robinson, BAA Equipment Building, located at 185 East 104th St.


Online registration is also available.  Link to use: http://baaonline.org/Registration/Default.asp?n=31204&org=baaonline.org


B.A.A. offers a fall outdoor soccer programs for boys and girls mini-mite through 9th grade and a 10th-12th grade league that is co-rec.   A typical seasons starts in with practices in mid-August and ends in mid-October.  Sign-ups are in June and July. For the Mini-Mite league, the fee is 45.00.  Emphasis is on learning the game-no standings are kept and there is no tournament. For all other levels, the fee is 85.00.  There is a season ending tournament. Players should provide shin guards and appropriate sized soccer ball. For this sport, volunteers are needed as coaches, asst. coaches and linespeople.


There will be a $5.00 late fee for late signups.




by posted 03/26/2016
Late Football Signup July 12

There will be a late football signup July 12th from 6-8pm.  The signup will be at the Tom Robinson, BAA Equipment Building located at 185 E. 102nd St. (Southeast corner of 102nd and Nicollet Ave, just East of the Church)

Online registration is also available. Register Online



by posted 03/26/2016
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